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1 dip a foot or hand briefly into a liquid
2 play in or as if in water, as of small children [syn: paddle, splash around]
3 work with in a non-serious manner; "She dabbles in astronomy"; "He plays around with investments bu he never makes any money" [syn: smatter, play around]

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  1. To partially wet (something) by splashing or dipping; connotes playfulness.
    The children sat on the dock and dabbled their feet in the water.
  2. To participate or have an interest in, but not so seriously.
    She's an actress by trade, but has been known to dabble in poetry.

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partially wet
  • Chinese: 溅湿
  • Dutch: dompelen, spetteren
  • Chinese: 涉足
  • Dutch: liefhebberen

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Dabble Video Search is a video search service located at Dabble uses human powered search.
Dabble takes human-made gestures and structured metadata to search and discover video. It searches the data around the video as well as gives relevance to videos with human preference activity inside Dabble and outside in other communities and blogs. Dabble also has a social community for grouping videos and for user-made programming. Dabble focuses on the additional problem of video discovery through this community, by offering users easy ways to browse videos based upon human activity and preferences. Dabble searches over 600 sources of videos (sometimes known as content hosters of video) and has 150+ partnerships.


Founded by Mary Hodder in May, 2005.

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asperge, be innocent of, bedabble, bedew, beguile the time, bespatter, besprinkle, burn daylight, consume time, coquet, coquet with, dally, damp, dampen, dash, dew, diddle, dip, doodle, douche, fiddle, fiddle with, fiddle-faddle, fidget with, finger with, flirt, fool, fool around, fool with, footle, fribble, fritter away time, frivol, give up, have no idea, horse around, hose, hose down, humect, humectate, humidify, idle, irrigate, jerk off, kid around, kill time, know a little, know not, know not what, know nothing of, loiter, lose time, mess around, moisten, monkey, monkey around, not know, not rightly know, paddle, pass, pass the time, piddle, play, play around, play with, potter, putter, scratch the surface, slobber, slop, slosh, smatter, sparge, spatter, splash, splatter, splotch, sponge, spot, spray, sprinkle, swash, syringe, tinker, toy, toy with, trifle, trifle with, twiddle, waste time, water, wet, wet down, wonder, wonder whether, wot not of
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